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Welcome to our Breaking Boards Breaking Chains (BBBC) campaign participation resource page. Below you will find a list of documents/resources that you can download/use to assist you in the planning, organizing and running a successful break-a-thon fundraiser event.

BBBC Break-A-Thon Event Coordinator Instruction Manual

Please save this BBBC campaign toolkit to your personal computer. It is a comprehensive resource manual designed to assist your primary break-a-thon event coordinator but contains additional information that may be relevant to other people within your team. We also recommend printing it off and having a hard copy available as needed.

Campaign Toolkit

Editable Word Docs for Participating Schools

Please download these customizable word documents including the BBBC campaign pledge form, corollary information sheet, and event poster. These documents can be edited to include your logo and event details.  They should then be printed, copied and distributed accordingly. NOTE: if you are using an older version of Microsoft Word (2003) please download the documents ending in .doc 

.docx files for MS 

Website and Social Media Ready Files

Here you will find a variety of web ready files that you can download and used on your website and social media streams to promote your schools’ event. Be sure to read the Social Media Tips and Samples section (page 12) of the Campaign Toolkit for additional resources, details, and suggestions.

Video Links about IJM’s work to end slavery

Please use these videos to educate your students and supporters about IJM. IJM is the largest Anti-Slavery organization in the world, they secure justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. These links provided below are only a few of the IJM video resources on the web, visit IJM’s Youtube account to view more.

Video link from our MAJ website – Fighting to End Slavery For Good

Introduction to IJM –

IJM’s 15 Year Anniversary (a few years old now but still a good resource)

TED Talk by IJM Founder Gary Haugen- The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now

I own 42 Slaves! SLAVERY STILL EXISTS: Ending Modern Slavery with IJM (Suitable for Teens) –


MAJ and Breaking Boards Breaking Chains Campaign Video Links

Many of these are used throughout our website but you are welcome to use any that you wish for your campaign. Visit MAJ’s Youtube account to view more MAJ videos.

Martial Arts for Justice: About Us Intro Video –

Corban Addison Supports Martial Arts for Justice Initiatives –

Breaking Boards Breaking Chains 2015 Cable TV Coverage –

BBBC 2015 Individual Creative Break Submission Example – 

BBBC 2015 Group Creative Break Submission Example –

Do you have additional questions or comments?

That’s what we are here for! Please contact us anytime. Martial Arts for Justice is committed to each one of our participating schools and we are just an email or phone call away at all times.

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